Saturday, September 12, 2015

To market, to market

Gianna and I ventured out today to check out the Abbott Kinney market

I've heard some buzz about this and since it's near my house, we decided to investigate. 

We hopped on the bikes and headed down to Venice. I always love choosing different streets to explore. 

The market is on the grounds of Westminster Elementary and once we got close, we were ushered in by a group of friendly men along the sidewalk. 

Honestly, the market was much smaller than I had imagined and there was barely anyone there. But, oh my gosh...everyone there was incredibly nice! Every single vendor talked to us with real interest. The man at the first tent even offered to watch our bikes. Another woman offered to do our numbers in numerology for free. It was just wonderful!

We walked around for a while and saw so much that we wanted to buy! Unfortunately, today was not the day for buying...only browsing. 

Our favorite tent was full of terrific Indian printed pillows, dream catchers, and rugs. 

I hope to go back someday with more funds!

From the market, we returned to Gjusta-a bakery we had tried on another bike adventure. 

GJusta was PACKED and about as hipster as a place could come. Haha. Gianna and I were cracking up at just how perfect everyone appeared. I felt like we were on a movie set-or as Gianna said 'a living instagram'. Lol! It was too funny. 

Gjusta has done an incredible job with their rustic decor and delectable food. 

We both ordered veggie sandwiches and hibiscus tea with baguettes and tapenade for later. 

I know that we'll be back-both for the market and the bakery!

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