Saturday, January 24, 2015

Recapping Packing: What I Wore Part II

I've been talking clothes. Clothes from my trip. I had this idea that returning from our trip that I'd suddenly have this epiphany that I had far too many clothes (I do) and that I'd want to seriously downsize (I don't) and live a more simple life with a capsule-type (all the rage) wardrobe. 

Yeah, not so much. ha!! I have come back DELIGHTED with all the clothing options that I have. That said-I still do seem to find myself wearing the clothes from the trip more often than not. I guess I'm comfortable in what I know? Plus, 2/3 of my clothing is still locked in a storage shed in Long Beach. :P

Back to the topic at hand. Without further, ado...what I wore!!

Just to refresh (again):

Black Fleece Jacket
Black Rain Jacket
Jean Jacket
Black Blazer
Gray Zip Sweatshirt
White Wrap (can double as beach cover up)
Black Long Sleeved (wool blend)
Brown Long Sleeved
Teal Hoodie
Periwinkle Long Sleeve
Yellow Long Sleeve
Black T-shirt
Gray T-shirt
Purple/Blue (ish) T-shirt
Mango T-shirt
White T-shirt
Black Camisole
Gray Camisole
Mango Camisole
White Camisole
Yellow Tank
Teal Tank
Purple/Blue (ish) Tank
Gray Zip off pants
Black Yoga Pants
Black Leggings
Gray Half Pants
Sweatshorts (for sleeping)
Jean Shorts
Khaki Shorts
Mango Shorts
1 Black Convertible Dress
1 Black Skirt
1 Gray Long Tank for the beach :D
1 Gray/Black Scarf
1 Teal Scarf
Brown Hiking Boots
Gray Sneakers
Brown Toms
Black Ballet Flats (Tieks!!)
Black Flip Flops
White Flip Flops (for showers)
5 Pairs of Underwear
2 Bras (one black, one nude)
1 Sports Bra 
1 Bandeau Bra
4 Bathing Suit Tops
2 Bathing Suit Bottoms
5 Pairs of Socks

Black Fleece Jacket:  I didn't actually wear this very much until we got to Europe. It just hadn't been cold enough for it in the Southern Hemisphere. However, once in Europe, I was SO glad to have this jacket. It's from Patagonia and it's warm and perfect. 

Black Rain Jacket: This was obviously an essential and I was grateful to have it when I needed it. It was pretty warm and had large pockets. I got it on sale at REI. 

Jean Jacket: I love a good jean jacket. I got this one years ago at a Salvation Army store. It was great on the trip. I used it for layering or when I needed a lighter jacket.

Black Blazer: I've had this jacket for like ten years. I got it at Old Navy. It's casual, but dressy enough that if you throw it on over a t-shirt with some jewelry, it can pass at a nicer dinner (not that we went to a lot of those!).

Gray Zip Sweatshirt: This was also great. I used it a lot in layering once the weather was colder. I slept in it when I was chilly too. It was also great for when it wasn't freezing, but chilly.

White Wrap (can double as beach cover up): This I wore a lot more than the pictures show. I often wore it when we were at the beach, but I didn't take so many pictures of us in bathing suits...especially as the trip went on and weight was gained :P

Black Long Sleeved (wool blend): My mother in law bought me this top from REI. It wasn't cheap, but for good reason. It's awesome. The wool was warm, easy to wash, dried quickly, and has held up. It still looks brand new. I wore it all. the. time.  On its own, under things, to sleep. I love this shirt.

Brown Long Sleeved: This shirt was light weight and perfect for layering or wearing on its own.

Teal Hoodie: I also got this shirt at REI. It has those holes for thumbs, which I love. It was great for hiking. It fit snugly, so it was very warm. 

Purple/Blue (ish)Long Sleeve: This shirt was casual and comfortable. I am still wearing this quite a bit...even back home. It's from Gap Fit.

Yellow Long Sleeve: Another comfy shirt. This one I got at H&M just before we left. Something annoying was that a snap was missing from the front-a detail I didn't notice until NZ. Ha.

Black T-shirt: This is probably something I could have done without. It seems a simple thing, but I didn't wear it all that often. I got this shirt years ago from REI (have I mentioned my love for REI?? It was one of the places we registered for our wedding. haha!) for a trip to Belize. I think if it was a bit longer...I'd have worn it more.

Gray T-shirt: I was wearing this shirt when I met Preston. :D I wore it almost exclusively with my black scarf. Haha. The gray matches the stars on the scarf!! I'm very VERY matchy-matchy. 

Purple/Blue (ish) T-shirt: I didn't wear this all that often either, but it is a good shirt. It's a quick dry shirt and I think from Costco. I've had it as a workout shirt for years. Most of the things I brought were quick dry, which did come in handy. I didn't do as much laundry in bathtubs or sinks as I thought I might...but I definitely did that sometimes and it was nice when things would dry relatively fast.

Mango T-shirt: This was just a regular old t-shirt from H&M. It was lightweight and good to wear when it was hot. It also has open arm pits, which can be handy when you're drenched in sweat because Barcelona is like a sauna. 

White T-shirt: I love this shirt! I've also had it for years. It's a t-shirt, but has a bit more of a dress up ability. It also has open arm pits, which is nice. My name is Kelly and I have sweaty arm pits. I have really great teeth though. It's only fair that I'm not perfect. ;)

Stay Tuned for Part III :D

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