Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One Year Ago

I can't believe it, but today marks the one year anniversary of the day Pres and I left on our trip. 

It's quite ridiculous, but it makes me sad! I would love to be starting that trip again. The thought that this time last year-we would be, tonight, boarding a plane to FIJI...makes me want to weep!! I love my new job and everything, but I'd MUCH rather be taking off for New Zealand today :D

Reflecting on all the experiences that we had, I feel so truly blessed and fortunate. I know that it's this thought I need to focus on...instead of feeling sad and sorry for myself that I'm still not out gallivanting around the world. God, I'm a brat.

I guess it's just that-since returning from the trip...I feel so deflated or something.  Sure, traveling was exhausting in many ways...and it's nice to have a stable home and a routine, but gah...I would've been happy with a little break and then to go right back to it!! 

Is there things I'd do differently? You betcha! For one...I'd try to take less STUFF. For two...I'd work on a way for Preston to have been happier. For three...I'd try to worry less about money.

While on the trip...I tried to never take a moment for granted, to have no regrets...but I still think I could have been MORE appreciative and happy along the way. Isn't it always that way? Ah, hindsight.

The World is SO huge...there's so much more to see and experience. This travel bug is a pesky thing...it never quiets...it's never appeased or satisfied...I have a feeling that it will haunt me and whisper to me for all of my life. 

In the meantime, I'll be here in the lab dreaming of adventure...

And this. I'll be dreaming of this.

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