Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Round Up Part II: Maryland

After a week in Chicago, we hopped on a plane to Maryland to spend some time with my family.

We were picked up at the airport by my mom and my Aunt and soon went for dinner at my other Aunt’s house. :)

My mom made my FAVORITE lasagna that is usually reserved for my birthday and I got to play with my most favorite baby. Seriously, Madeline is the sweetest and most adorable baby EVER. Her disposition is just so gentle and lovely. I ADORE her. Though I bought her little gifts for Christmas and her first bday (both on Dec 25!), she spent 20 mins playing with my scarf. Haha!!

Clearly, she's an angel

I'm pretty sure she knows she's real cute.

We got to catch up with my family and friends by running all around Frederick. 

NYE, we had breakfast with my dad at his favorite-IHOP (yuck!). :P

Pres and I spent the afternoon at Sandra’s house. Sandra is from El Salvador, is one of my favorite people and as an added bonus…is ALWAYS cooking delicious and amazing food. She convinced us to spend the better part of the afternoon there eating and playing with her 4 girls. I love them and they are my family.

Seriously-who cooks FOUR chickens? She's amazing.

Preston still wasn't feeling well

So, I sort of hate NYE. It’s just the worst holiday. So much hype and expectation and silliness. For a few years, when my younger cousins still thought I was cool…we’d spend NYE in playing board games in front of the fire. This is ideal to me. Honestly, I didn’t want to do much of anything except eat a yummy dinner, lay around in my PJs, make a fire (seriously…isn’t a fireplace just the BEST thing?? Life goal.), and watch a movie.

However, my want to see my friends overrode my desire to stay in and out we went.

We stopped first at my Dad’s girlfriend’s house where we had a great time binging on her yummy snacks, champagne tasting for her daughter’s upcoming wedding, and playing Cards Against Humanity, which is quite fun.

I love Christmas-if simply for all the eating.

Ted was there too :D

Around 10:30, we set off to meet my friends Trisha and Matt at a party hosted by a friend of theirs. Preston and I didn’t really know anyone at the party and it was held mostly in a garage. I arrived in a wool hat, my long, red Banana Republic coat, and leather gloves and purse. I felt a tad over dressed, since everyone else was in jeans and boots. Ha!! Whatever. I like to dress up since I rarely get to in day to day life (working in a lab=gross clothes). I told Matt I was going to put my purse in the car because I felt too dainty and he said, “well you showed up here looking like Paddington Bear”. HAHA! Oh my Gosh. Matt is just hysterical and this is the perfect example of that :) I also love that we are good enough friends that he can make fun of me and I can say, “haha. TOO true!!” Quite frankly, I’m happy to be in the company of Paddington Bear. He’s a class act.

hehe. I took this for Matt later
We had a nice time at the party-getting to know new people and Trisha’s ‘other’ best friend Nicole. I approve of her ;) Preston guided me through the horrible, awful, awkward, forced kiss at midnight (Hehe. It’s just TOO cheesy…I HATE it!!) and we made it home in one piece ready for the start of 2015.

Hehe-I took a pic of Trisha and Pres at midnight, but not ME and Pres or Trisha and Matt. Fail. :P

She's the prettiest.

New Year’s Day was spent at my Uncle’s new house. My Aunt Sherry made DELICIOUS guac, which I devoured. It was great to catch up with everyone and made me a little sad to not be living there.

We had dinner with my mom at Trisha’s mom’s house. I love hanging out at Donna and Henry’s. Trisha and I used to have a standing laundry date there every Tuesday-where Trisha would do laundry (she’s very particular about this. I initially thought she was just blowing me off when she told me she couldn’t hang out b/c she was doing laundry…since I’m more of a ‘just throw it in…go somewhere…remember it later…put it in the dryer’ kind of person, but once she started inviting me…I learned she really DOES laundry. She like, stands by it and adds fabric softener and stuff!!) and Donna would make us amazing and delicious home cooking and we’d hang out and laugh with Henry. Ahhh the good old days!

Preston having some moonshine

It was a great start to the New Year!! The following day, my mom and I visited with my favorite baby again. Omg…she’s the CUTEST thing in the world. I just love her and want to hang out with her ALL the time. I have to drag myself away. It was especially hard leaving-not knowing when I’ll see her again or how different she’ll be.

Starting her early on the Dunkin Donuts (don't worry-I rinsed it out)


Lol-Manda titled this: "She's drunk". hehe

Friday night, we joined my cousins and Aunt to see “Big Eyes”. My cousin Maddie LOVES anything Tim Burton, so we joined her to see the movie. It was really quite good and I’d recommend it. It made me appreciate (again) how far society has come in rights for women. Whoopee! There’s still a long way to go, of course, but I’m glad Preston isn’t taking credit for my work :P

After the movie, we ran by my friend Julie’s place to see some of her decorating skills and stopped by my dad’s.

Being home can be exhausting and SO much go go go!! I always feel like I need a break from my ‘break’.

Saturday was our last day in MD. My mom and I visited with our friend Naomi-who is always good to see :) I got my last (sob) Dunkin Donuts coffee for a while and we headed out to see more family.

We stopped at my cousin Todd’s house to see his new place and visit with his adorable 2 year old son. Preston was quite impressed with Lucas’ musical ability at such a young age. Haha.

My Aunt Toni threw a dinner party for us with her kids (my cousins). I always love hang out with them, because the little kids are so fun and funny-especially my little cousin Michael who is 7, but has a BIG personality. He’s hilarious and freakishly strong. I watched him do one handed push-ups and jump from standing into a handstand. Incredible.

Michael and me

We spent the evening back home with one last fire and snuggles with my cat. I wish I could bring him to California, but he’s a bit wild and crazy for city life and I cannot imagine him on a plane.

Luckily, due to my continued American Airlines Gold Status (it ends in February. Nooooo :( :( ), we got approved for a free upgrade to First Class.

Mannnn, I gotta tell you!! It’s just THE BEST!! I don’t want to travel any other way. It’s seriously THAT much nicer. I need to figure out how to ALWAYS fly First Class (Life goal #2).

First of all, the seats are WAY more comfortable. They are HUGE and you have tons of leg room and space. Since there are only two seats per row, it’s not an awkward climb out to the bathroom. Oh? And bathroom? You get your own private one JUST for the 8 or 10 people in First Class.

Preston drank like 6 OJs and 9 Diet Cokes, because they just keep em coming in fancy REAL glasses. We had lots of snacks-chips and chocolates and cookies and mints, as well as a full breakfast with fruit, French toast, and biscuits with butter and jelly. The stewardesses are SO nice and friendly. It’s a whole other world.

Meanwhile…people just a few rows back are begging for a small flimsy blanket (those in first class are thicker and better!), or even a chance to get the WHOLE can for the ONE drink they are served.

How can I make this First Class thing happen?


Anyway, we are back in sunny SoCal! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

Not so sad-facin in First Class :P

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