Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas Round Up! Part I: Chicago

Preston and I left sunny Los Angeles around noon on Christmas Eve.

Unbelievably, the satellite parking lot was FULL. Crazy!! It’s HUGE. Anyway, we found a place for our car and boarded our flight after some time waiting around. (I like to show up to the airport and just walk onto the waiting plane, Preston likes to linger and be comfortable in not missing his flight ;) Fair enough).

The plane we were on was brand new. It was super spacious and fancy!

Though, it's sad how low my standards are for air travel :P

I'm always amazed at Los Angeles from the air-it's sooo metropolitan. There's hardly an undeveloped space.

And then, Mountains.

We arrived in Chicago, where the weather was relatively mild. In the 30s instead of the negatives as it was last year.

O'Hare so nicely decorated

Matchy Matchy with my suitcase

Departing the airport, we immediately headed to the home of family friends in the same neighborhood where Home Alone and Ferris Bueller were filmed! There was delicious food and it was all very festive. It was a lovely Christmas Eve.

After opening presents at my in-laws, Christmas Day was spent down in the city at Preston’s brother’s house. Ned has a terrific huge, old but restored house that is great for kids to RUN. Ned and Kirsten have THREE kids under 6. Craziness. Kirsten’s sister was there too…with her two kids, so it was a bit of a mad house, but perfect Christmas fun.

My Dad and Von mailed me cookies <3

Pres got them this giant chess set

We spent the afternoon opening gifts, snacking, drinking wine, playing, and finished with a delicious dinner.

Preston and his sister <3

The kids enjoying their Scandinavian heritage by finding the almond in the pudding

Brothers and their Mother ;)

Merry Christmas~Love the Villers! (and Esha!)

The rest of our time in Chicago was spent visiting friends. I’m so jealous that everyone has these awesome, huge houses!! I fear Preston and I will never be able to afford a house in LA. Sob. I’m envious of all the SPACE. Also, nearly everyone seems to have a kid of some kind around ;) We are of that age.

Driving around in Chicagooooo

Friday, we saw Timmy and Lindsey…BFFs and were fed delicious food and just lounged around. We are overly comfortable with them. :P 

Preston and I were reunited with our Paris crew and it was awesome to catch up. Since it was so cold, we huddled on the couch, watched movies, and ate lots of food. Of course, I took no photos and wish I had. PARIS REUNION!

I DID take this photo of Pres in my glasses. HAHA.

Monday, we spent the afternoon with Mr. Mom (Rich) and his two kids. Rich and Aimee had a baby in September and he is adorable and perfect. I got to spend most of the afternoon cuddling with him. Awesome. I have some serious baby fever lately. It’s freaking me out. Is it the swan song of my dying eggs? Baby baby baby la la la. ;) Just kidding. I HOPE not!! Their daughter Julianna napped almost the whole time and we didn't get to play with her very much. Next time! We also ate a ridiculous deep dish pizza. :P Ah, Chicago.

Cuteness overload

This happened.

Unfortunately, Preston got the flu and spent one full day down and out and most of the others days just not feeling great. Poor little bugger.

I have to say that coming STRAIGHT into winter is intense. I can’t remember if it was better when it was gradual, but diving head first into the thick of it is HARD on your body. The heat generated to keep houses warm is SO dry. My nose was blood. Our throats were rough and dry. My hands were cracked and aching. It’s crazy. These are things I take for granted in California, I guess.

Our last night in Barrington, we headed out to Wool St-the local bar to see a few more friends. Preston's Dad joined us, but his mom was still stricken with the flu.

All in all-it was a lovely Chicago Christmas.

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