Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Back to 'real' life?

11 July 2014-16 July 2014
I sort of resent the fact that people keep asking me...'how is it to be back to reality?'. I realize no one particularly means anything by this...but it seems so WRONG to me.

Why is what I have been doing not a reality? Isn't traveling, and having new experiences, and meeting new people, and seeing the world and its wonders as REAL as life can get? What's up with our culture's ideas of what life should be?? It seems backwards to me. It's more 'real life' to get up to an alarm...drive in traffic...sit at a desk or whatever for 9 hours a day...drink coffee to stay awake...drive home in traffic...try to fit in time for something you enjoy or do something for your health/body...attempt to spend some quality time with the ones you love...zone out in front of a tv...fall asleep far too late and wake up to do it all over again?? THAT is real life?? I know that not every one's life is quite so mundane, but I'm just generalizing here.

It's ALL real life and we are ALL living it and we should try to enjoy every minute...whether that be at a job you love or surfing in Bali or roaming the streets of Paris.

ANYWAY...I guess I feel differently than I expected to after this huge trip. I think I expected to return refreshed and ALIVE and, "the world is SO wonderful!!". But, really...I'm tired. I'm really really tired. And the world IS so wonderful...but every day life to me seems...I dunno...eh? And I really loved my life...I DO love my life. I'm just surprised to feel as deflated as I do...I'm seeing the world much more differently and it's not necessarily a positive thing. I feel like we all get caught up in the UNimportant stuff and we are missing out on everything else.

I'm having the hardest time articulating what I mean!!

All that said...it is soooooooooooooo nice to be HOME with my family and friends. I'm having a great time hanging out in Maryland for a few days...catching up with my cousins and my favorite baby and my greatest friends.

She's not quite as excited ;)

Teaching Madeline Itsy Bitsy Spider

She's not so sure bout all that

Trisha, Matt, Preston, and I spent an evening at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. We had yummy crabcakes at Philips and took in the sights :D Since we aren't really sure where we are going to settle 100%...I'm trying to give Maryland a hard sell as a place to live...whether now or later ;)

I went to the lake with my mom, my Aunt Toni, my friend Naomi (who is like a second momma to me), my dear friend Sandra and all her girls. I've watched these girls grow up and come into the world and I love them so much. They are such fun and well behaved little women. I've missed so much being in California all these years.

We are only home for few days and then we are off again to BERMUDA!!

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