Monday, August 17, 2015

A Week in Bermuda Part III

Thursday 16 July 2015

Preston took off today to go hang out with Wojo and see his new digs.

Nana took all her grandchildren shopping in town and out for lunch. It was a really nice day. Nikki and Maddie were inducted into the Kipling club. Kiplings are my MOST favorite handbags and my grandmother got me into them years ago. Very exciting. I wish I'd though to snap a pic!! I didn't even think of it till this minute.

On the way back, Jack, Mad, and I stopped for milkshakes at the Paraquet, since we hadn't yet met our 8000 calorie quota for the day.

Milk shake in hand.

Back at the hotel, I lounged on the beach for a bit. 

Dinner tonight was a BBQ hosted by the hotel on the terrace. Nana joined us for dinner. It was delicious. 

Afterwards, we sat on the beach chairs and watched the stars come out. 

Another perfect day in Bermuda. :)

Friday 17 July 2015

Today is our last full day here. :( It always goes so fast. 

Dad and Von hosted Mark, Nikki, Pres, Nana, and me for breakfast again this morning. Delectable as always. And chocolate milk. Mmmmm.  

Von working hard, as always
After some back and forth, the group of us from breakfast (sans Nana) headed out to one of our favorite beaches: Clearwater. Clearwater is a calm, flat beach that sits at the end of the runway on what used to be the American Naval base in Bermuda. The navy left years ago and now the base is opened up to the public. It used to be the only place on the island with a McDonalds (ha!), but that's long gone too.

Waitin on some fried foods.

It's a great beach to just relax and watch planes land. But, this is our's usually very crowded with local children from summer camp, so we walk even further down the road to Cooper's Island Preserve, which is a much more secluded and private beach. 

It was a perfect afternoon. I got to dive down deep and play in the beautiful water. Preston is getting much more comfortable in the ocean without a surfboard. :) It was a really fun afternoon.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, but stopped for more milkshakes first since we are all trying to consume as much sugar as humanly possible. ;)

Preston had 2. Jk. One is mine :)
Tonight for dinner we went to my FAVORITE restaurant on the island...The Red Carpet. It's a tiny, dark, little place with heavy red decor. I think it's most frequented by people >65, but I love it. :) We've been going here since I was a child.

So sad for my last night in Bermuda. For the whole next year, I'll miss the warm air, the ocean lullaby, and the singing frogs.

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