Friday, July 10, 2015

Airport routines

I love traveling!! (Duh). I love airports...just not for any length of time. I like to roll up, breeze through security (was a lot faster with my gold status. SOB), fill up my water bottle, use the restroom, and hear the boarding call. Easy peasy. 

My husband, of course being full of anxiety in the few places that I am not, prefers to arrive FOUR hours early and hang around and drink Bloody Mary's. Four hours is torturous! 

If I do have any extra time, I peruse the books stores, walk around to keep my legs moving before the flight, or sit stretched out and people watch. Some of the BEST people watching can be done in airports. 

Being forever frugal, I always pack my own plane meals and snacks. The less smelly the better. ;) I bring an empty plastic water bottle to save on drinks. 

So many airports these days are incorporating water bottle filling stations. It's awesome. Unfortunately, I have yet to find these at LAX, so I'm stuck with the fountain water the tastes faintly of bleach. 

I'm headed home today to spend the night before I'm off to Bermuda tomorrow. I can't wait! I always love going to Bermuda, but am more excited this year than most. 

However, I regret to inform you that my flight is delayed. So I am on Preston Villers time and I am bored. :P I have looked at both bookstores, I've walked around, I've sat in positions impossible on a plane and people watched, I even ordered a TEN dollar egg sandwich, since I'm not sure my peanut butter one is going to hold me over for the next 9 hours till I land in DC. 

Oh wellllll. There are certainly worse things than being delayed on the way to paradise...since, you know...I'll get there eventually, which is better than not at all.  Did I just write a metaphor for life's frustrating situations? ;) Happy Friday! 

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