Monday, June 15, 2015

Not so sure about United

I've flown American Airlines almost exclusively for 5 years. They bought my loyalty with their dang gold status...which I have since lost. (Wahhhhh). See ya later suckas!!

So, I'm flying United...which impressed me with their more comfortable seats and inflight entertainment on my flight from LA--->DC. I've been missing this luxury on American's mostly crappy planes for years. 

However, I can tell you that I am now NOT impressed with a 30 minute delay on a 1030pm flight. AND lack of inflight entertainment (I was pretty settled on watching 'Cinderella')  But even worse?? Being told that there are 20 more people arriving from a flight that just landed to invade our coveted 'no one in the middle seat' situation. Boo hiss. 

Weird side note...the pilot just arrived and I realized no one has been updating us on any of this at all. Total radio silence. I only knew we were delayed by the vague texts I was receiving and the obvious non-departure of the plane. Is the pilot the only person authorized to make silly small talk and announce things over the PA while we sit at the gate?? Pilots need an understudy. 

Luckily, Charleston was amazing and well worth it....which I'll tell all about next time!!

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