Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Part of my thinking in the madness of my 18 hour round trip drive to Charleston from Frederick was that I'd also get some time at home. Namely, to see my most favorite baby.  Okkkk and everyone else too;)

Actually for the first time EVER...I posted up at my mom's house and refused to leave. Nearly every trip to Frederick involves me running ALL around to see all the people that I love. For various reasons...whether it be babies, or kids, or often just works out that I go to them rather than them to me, but I gotta tell's exhausting. It's tiring to just fly across the country and then to run around like a crazy person...never taking a breather...never just enjoying being HOME...leaves me wrecked for days when I return to California.

So, on Monday I just stayed at my Mom's. ALL DAY. It was glorious. Assorted members of my family stopped in to see me and my friend Lauren. It was truly wonderful and so relaxing. I didn't feel the anxiousness to see everyone and do everything and feel like I barely had any time. I wish I'd told more people I'd be in town, but I wanted to just focus on seeing my family...especially my Mom's side, since I won't be with them in Bermuda in a few weeks :) 

I knew a guy once that was from Ireland...and he said when he returns home he just tells everyone that he'll be at such and such pub from 5-8 or something. I think he's on to something there. I liked it. Very much.

Right. So, I had a relaxing morning at my Mom's. My favorite baby came down for coffee. ;) Jk, of course, but she did try to spill it multiple times. 

Madeline, Manda, and I took a walk to the park. It was threatening to storm all day, but never really did. Boo. The park was muggy and muddy, but still fun!

Excuse my finger. Too lazy to crop.

Monkey goes everywhere <3

Playin in puddles

I may like her slightly more than she likes me ;) 

We hurried home to meet Lauren, my childhood BFF. Lauren is selling a new product line called Ava Anderson. It's non-toxic, chemical free skin care (and other things!) for you, your home, your children, and your pets. It's pretty cool. I've been doing my best to eat better...and more organic...and less processed foods, but it can be easy to forget that most of the harmful things that enter our body go in through our skin. The struggle is that this stuff can be SUPER expensive. I don't always feel like I can afford the products...but like the chocolate bar in Seattle that costs $4 to not have HUMAN TRAFFICKING involved in the making of has to wonder...what does $5 facial cleanser entail?? Ick. We all happily pay $5 for ONE latte, but won't spend $15-20 on our health and well being. Something is broken in our society. 

Mostly I've been using better products on just my face, but I'm going to explore some options in the Ava Anderson line both for myself and for my friend. I endeavor to find some worthwhile deodorant. I recently found out that Toms of Maine is owned by COLGATE and contains a bunch of terrible for you crap. Trickery! Anyway, I want Lauren to do well and will do anything to help her. So, if you're interested...check out her product page:

It was fun to see Madeline play with Lauren's girls. :) They were all real cute and we got to recreate a picture from last year! The funniest part was that Madeline took the lead in making sure everyone was well behaved. "no no no". hehe!! 

My Aunt Toni joined us and we all pulled out the sprinkler for Madeline to run through. I joined her and it was such a good time :D 

My brother stopped by in the afternoon and enjoyed a Roy Rogers feast! YUM. 

Amanda and Madeline had to go, but my Aunt Mary arrived just after. I had a lovely afternoon with my Aunts sitting on the porch hoping for a storm, though one never really came. My Uncle David joined us in the evening and treated me to dinner at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants. 

I'm always sad to leave home and feel forever conflicted about where I want to live. I go back and forth allllll the time. This trip home was quick, but wonderful. 

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