Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where I'm From

It's a slow work day in the middle of a hectic week. I'm getting caught up on blogs and came across this, which comes from this, which came from this, which originated here

It's meant to be a writing exercise, which follows rules, but being that this is my blog (and I do what I want :P) is my take on it. 

Where I'm From:

I am from rollerskating routines, flashlight tag, hammock reading, State Park hikes, street tennis, bike races, and childhood friendships to last a lifetime.

I am from rolling hills, sprawling farmland, Civil War History, and a charming town grown from the roots of my family.

I am from backyard camp outs, tree climbing, creek playing, daily adventures, BBQs, and wiffle ball.

I am from a brother who has made me a better person, parents who never a left a question in my mind of their love and support, beloved Aunt and Uncles, cousins as close as siblings, cartwheels, horseback riding, snow days, and warm fires.

I am from Sunday church softball and pizza, family dinner nights, skipping rocks on the river, and pedaling behind my dad while he runs.

I am from my mother's sisters and the bond, support, acceptance, laughter, and love with which they surround me.

I am from my father's brothers and the knowledge, reinforcement, reasoning, and care that they provide.

I am from movie nights, books as treasures, homemade dinners, hugs and kisses, and being tucked into bed at night.

I am from generosity, pink sand like powder, warm, humid air, aquamarine waters, puzzles, cherished family, and singing frogs.

I am from kindness, care for others, strength, self confidence, and who can 'win' with sarcasm and teasing.

I am from suburbia, snow walks under a pink sky, open windows on hot summer nights, and cricket lullabies.

I am from encouragement to follow my dreams...even when they call from the distances of thousands of miles.

I am from life is short, be happy, think of good things.


Where are you from?

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