Friday, April 10, 2015


So, my drive to work is pretty awesome. It takes like 10-15 minutes to get to the campus.

That sign should add 'or picture taken while driving', but it was so beautiful...I couldn't resist!! 

Depending on the weather...the last mile or so of my drive can be pretty problematic. The street along campus somehow FUNNELS the sun RIGHT INTO my eyeballs. It's intense. I can only see about 4ft in front of my car, which is terrifying with so many pedestrians afoot. Sunglasses do not help. The visor in my car does not help. I'm always grateful for cloudy mornings--which are really more the norm here in LA. Takes a while for that marine layer to burn off, though it doesn't always go quite so far inland as downtown. Luckily, the sun is moving as it gets later in the year :D 

After I brave the tunnel o' sun...I have to walk a mile from the parking structure where I can park. I could definitely gripe about this, but I've chosen to look on the bright side of things. For one, it's forced exercise. There's a shuttle I can take...but a 2 mile (round trip) walk a day is a great work out for my legs. I try to keep a quick pace. If I time it just right...I'll arrive at the corner at the same time as this guy:

He's a SERIOUSLY fast walker and I try to keep pace with him. I bet he has no idea he has a walker stalker ;)

For two, it's not like the weather is ever really TERRIBLE here. It's very rarely rainy (although, I had a great time walking even when it was) and the temperature is always moderate. Truly, I'm quite lucky.

Part of my walk takes me under the 110 Freeway. Luckily, it's well lit. The most interesting part of my walk is the homeless person that sleeps there. I don't know if its a man or woman, because they are always nestled under a shower curtain (which isn't a bad idea). But what intrigues me is...the cups. This person arranges empty fast food cups...upside down in a strange triangular pattern around the shower curtain. I'm sure it's just some kind of mental illness, but I find it fascinating-what the mind will come up with.

Luckily the campus is beautiful, so my walk really is quite nice. I try to get to the lab early. It's nice to get things started and have some time to arrange my thoughts.

Fridays are the best, because I treat myself to a latte from the Starbucks on campus. I hope everyone reading has a great weekend!! 

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