Monday, April 6, 2015

(Easter) Weekend.

Monday Monday. I'm so super sleepy today! I can't help but wish I was on Spring Break like a few lucky people I know. :D

Work has been going much better lately. I wasn't nearly as wiped out on Friday as I have been in the previous weeks. Nonetheless, we didn't do very much. :) I am enjoying the late hours of sunshine. I was home early enough to read in the small patch of sun that remained outside our place. I've been reading "The Secret Place" by Tana French. Since reading "In the Woods" a number of years ago, I've just LOVED Tana French and all her books. Her writing style is unlike any I've read before in that she builds main characters of subsequent books from secondary characters in preceding books. It's pretty interesting. Unfortunately though, "The Secret Place" just isn't grabbing me as much as her other books have. 

I ended up cleaning up around the apartment and making a yummy and CHEESY quinoa dish for dinner. It's from one of my favorite blogs-Iowa Girl Eats. I always enjoy the enthusiasm and positivity found in this blog...and the recipes are good, to boot. This is what I made, if anyone is interested. It's tasty!! Preston and I watched a documentary on Netflix called "Commune". It was interesting, to say the least. 

My greatest accomplishment from Friday was holding plank for TWO MINUTES!! My friend Trisha asked for how long I could hold plank...and I told her that I'd been practicing daily while in France and working myself up to 1 minute, but that I'd not done it recently. So, I set the timer on my phone and didn't even look at it for a minute and a half!! I made it to two minutes, but I think I could go to 2:30 or even 3 minutes with some will power. :D :D This is the ONLY evidence I've seen from all this working out I've been doing!! Preston says I look more toned, but I disagree. However, an easy two minute plank is PROOF that I'm stronger and I'm pretty proud. 

I've been working hard to get in shape. I can't say I've really been in shape...EVER. Maybe when I was 17 and swimming in high school. Maybe. But that was a long time ago. I really want to get toned up and lose the remaining weight from the 20lbs I gained during our travels. I have 5lbs more to go to reach pre-trip weight and I'd like to lose a total of 10. 

My current work out regime is this:

I do at least 15 minutes of yoga every morning before work and then I walk my 2 mile roundtrip to and from my car to the lab. 

I do the yoga and walking, but also attend the hour long high intensity workout that is offered here at USC for FREE. (I mean, how can I not go?? I hate working out...but it's FREE!! and it's a great class).

I do 30 minutes of yoga and try to do some sort of physical exercise like a bike ride or a hike.

Despite all only achievement is a 2 minute plank. I'm still pretty proud. :)

On Saturday, I did yoga, read blogs, and sat in the sun for a bit. I finally finished "The Secret Place" and started "Girl on the Train", which I CANNOT put down. It's SO good!!

Preston and I headed down to Long Beach to meet up with my friend Gianna who was visiting from San Jose with her boyfriend Nik. Nik works for Tesla and they were in town for the electric car race taking place that day.

Long Beach is home to the Grand Prix, which is an IndyCar Race held on the streets of downtown Long Beach. It's pretty cool. I've never actually been to the race, but could always hear the roaring engines from my apartment. The Grand Prix is in 2 more weeks, but the e-car race was a prelude to the all the racing festivities. The electric cars were much more quiet, of course :P

Preston and I caught the last half of the race and then got some drinks with Gianna and Nik and our friend Erica. We hit up a newish bar called Bo Beau. It had a really cool 1920s/1930s French ambiance and terrific food and drinks. The only downside was that it was pretty expensive. We ordered some cocktails and snacks and enjoyed the rooftop. 

I like to dress like an Indian

Erica had to head out, so Pres, Nik, Gianna, and I headed to George's Greek Cafe for dinner. George's is Preston's VERY favorite Long Beach restaurant. (He would eat there every day if he could!) So, we were DELIGHTED to be greeted at the entrance by George, himself!! George was a sweet old man and we raved to him about his delicious food. How cool!!

Another friend Zoia came towards the tail end of dinner to catch up with Gianna too. It was a great night.

On Sunday, I FINALLY cleaned my car. Now, I am a VERY clean person. I clean all the time. I find cleaning to be calming. :P When I got my very first car (a jetta), I would clean it ALL the time, but since getting my BMW...I've never actually cleaned it myself. How horrid is this? I've had it professionally detailed a few times, but I've never detailed it on my own. I feel so guilty!! 

I spent hours on Sunday cleaning the inside of my car and then took it to one of those do it yourself car washes. The outside isn't ship shape, but overall the car looks terrific and clean. Especially the inside...which hadn't been vacuumed since before my cross country trip. The shame!!

I gobbled up 30% of "Girl on the Train" and forced my friends to send me cute Easter pictures of their kids ;)

Griffin with bunny MAN

My <3

I mean, seriously!! 

Preston and I loaded into my shiny car and headed off to Eagle Rock. Blonde Gianna had invited us to accompany her to her family's Easter dinner. So nice!! We picked up Gianna and her brother and made our way to Gianna's mom's house in Pasadena. 

Gianna's mom (Janet)'s house was just beautiful and welcoming. She had even made us an Easter basket full of candy and goodies!! Amazing. :) 

Janet made this amazing juice. It was divine

Easter Basket!! 

Opening Easter Baskets :) 
Easter Dresses

How to pose.

We had a delicious dinner with great conversation and finished up the evening with an adult egg hunt!! How fun!! I can honestly say that I've not done an Easter Egg Hunt since I was a child. It's a great time!! AND Gianna's mom put MONEY in the eggs!! I found over $40!! It was beyond nice. 

Egg Huntin

My loot!! 
Our night was finished up watching documentaries back at Gianna's. We stayed way too late and got home way too late and I overslept this morning. :P Fail.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!! 

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  1. let me know when you're done girl on the train. I finished a few weeks ago!