Saturday, November 8, 2014

Memorial Day in Kill Devil Hills

Friday August 29 2014- Monday Sept 1 2014

Much like our time in Bermuda, we do pretty much the same thing every year in the Outer Banks.

Traditionally, we start and end our summers with our family there. My grandfather's brother Fred lives there with his wife (Sandy), two daughters (Heather and Krista), and their families (Heather's husband Russell, their son Kade, and daughter Reese; Krista's husband Cooper, and their twin daughters Landry and Camille).  My Uncle Fred was a coach at Frederick High School and is a legend in my hometown. Fred has also survived more health issues than anyone I know...from having most of his lower intestine removed as a teenager, to NUMEROUS bouts of cancer, to name it; he's a fighter and he's amazing.

My brother, who shares his name, has gotten out of more than one ticket from cops that recognized him as a relation of Fred. Haha!! In fact, my dad, my brother, and Heather's son are named after Fred (they all go by their middles names...since there is really only ONE Fred). As I said, he's a LEGEND. 

Anyway, Fred and co. have such an AMAZING and supportive family unit. It's really something to admire. :) My Uncle, Aunt, and cousins are all so kind to play host to us EVERY summer. 

Usually, some combination of my dad's side of the family heads to Kill Devil Hills for Memorial and Labor Day. It's a great tradition. I've not been able to go as often since moving to California, but I still go whenever I can.

TYpically, we all drive down in the horrendous traffic on Friday night. My dad always says that you crawl from DC just because someone in Fredericksburg tapped their brakes. Haha. Too true!!

It's also fun to be in constant contact with every group driving down in the different cars. It's kind of like a race, but not really ;) 

My dad or my uncle rent us all a house for the weekend each time, so Preston and I were fortunate enough to have an easy drive from Tarboro and spent our time, not in traffic, but sipping cold beers in the warm, ocean breezes on the deck. :P 

My family trickled in throughout the night...Kirk and Anna, Dad and Von, Mark and Nikki, and Maddie. :)

Houses in the Outer Banks are generally built with the common rooms on top, the bedrooms at the bottom, and up on stilts to avoid flooding. It's best when there is an outdoor shower. Oh yeah...outdoor showers are the best!! :D Our house this year had an elevator. 

Lancelot rode in it :D

We spend our days at the beach or relaxing around the house. We often get milkshakes from "Johns"-best eva. Since my dad started dating Yvonne, we are also treated to regular and delicious breakfasts. Yvonne is a fabulous cook and is always conscious about cooking with healthier options. 

The 'relaxing around the house' crew. To be fair, they did get off their electronic devices and played putt-putt too.

On Saturday night, we typically get North Carolina BBQ from "High Cotton"...soooo good. We always have a great time talking and catching up.

The four Freds

Outer Banks DEER!!

This year we had a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit. It was really fun and Reese did an amazing job of reading the cards. 

On Sunday, Krista and Cooper will almost always host us at a backyard party. It's incredibly nice of them!! 

It's always a great time and I love spending time with my cousins. My grandfather isn't around anymore, but I know it would mean a lot to him that we've all kept up the effort to be in each other's lives. :)

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