Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to Paris Part III: The longest Saturday :D

Saturday 21 June 2014
Being that we were out late AGAIN, we didn’t get over to Mara’s today until after noon.

Crapule likes to drink from the sink :P

We got some sandwiches from the boulangerie across the street and took them to the Tuileries to enjoy a picnic on the lawn. It’s HOT today…again it’s a crazy change. Last month…I would never believe that Paris could be so hot.

I wish I'd done a series of people carrying baguettes. I saw this everywhere and it was such a joyful stereotype :D

I kept moving to the shade to sit and escape the heat. I enviously watched children jumping through the sprinklers on the lawn. I saw a huge rat dart from one bush to another. Eek. Perchance it was that rat from “Ratatouille”?

From the Tuileries, we headed to the Olympia theater, which was one of the venues for the city-wide music festival that was happening all over Paris today.

Lana del Rey was playing a free concert at the Olympia and Christina is her #1 fan. Christina has seen Lana all over and has been following her music since even before Lana was famous.

When we arrived…the line was HUGE. It went alllll the way down the big city block and around the corner and wayyyyy down that block too. There was NO way we were getting in.

Christina, though, refused to give up. Basically, to humor her…we all got in line knowingly kind of looking at each other with ‘this isn't happening' eyes, but we didn’t want to disappoint Christina, who was DETERMINED to see Lana!!

I suggested that Pam and Christina try to sweet talk the doorman…it had worked so many times for me in LA and two beautiful girls would have a greater chance of getting in without the whole group of us.

Slavko offered to pay to get us in, but Mara told us that the French would take offense to that.

So, we waited. The line hardly moved. Apparently, Christian is a master schemer when it comes to these things, so she thought for a while and came up with an outrageous plan.

The plan:
Christina called her best friend in the US and asked her to look up the name of the owner of the venue. Once she had the name, she changed Mara’s name in her phone to this guy’s name and had Mara text her in French, ‘Just tell the doorman you +5 and you should have no trouble getting inside’ followed by more French.

So, Pam and Christina left to go up to the door and we were left thinking…There. Is. No. Way.

Next thing we know, Christina calls Mara to tell her that it worked and that we should come to the door!! HAHAHAHA!! I could NOT believe it!!

Mara, Pres, Slavko, and I walked up to the door and after some deliberation mumbled that we were on the list and just kind of walked in. SUCCESS!! 

Photobombed by that girl!!

It was a somewhat small venue-a carpeted theater with the seats removed. It was surprisingly not crowded for how long the line was outside. People were just sprawled on the floor and lounging about waiting for the music to start.

We saw a French singer with a band, which I really enjoyed. 

The lights were dimmed and the excitement grew. Lana del Rey took the stage.

The concert was quite good and Lana seemed very sweet and gracious. It was her birthday. She played the popular song “Videogames”, which I really like.

Exalted, we walked back to Mara’s for (more) wine and snacks. On the way, Pam actually participated in a street performance!! 

We rested a bit and then went to meet Mara’s friends near midnight (!!) at a club UNDER a bridge next to the river. It was a pretty cool location.

We had a hook up, so we got in the club right away and bypassed another long line. We are pretty VIP here in Paris ;)

Most of the night was spent underneath the stars along the riverside. Christina and I had a great time talking and laughing. I really got to know her during our time together and find her just amazing :D

Stolen from Pam :D

It was hip-hop night, so we danced a bit, but I’m a horrible dancer…especially when hip-hop is involved :P

Amazingly, we stayed until the sun came up!! The sun rises a bit earlier in Paris, but still!! I’m OLD!! I don’t do this :P

We walked back to Mara’s as the sun came up over the city. It was glorious. I didn't take anything with me, but I wish I'd had my camera!!

Since the metro was not yet operating, Pres and I continued home on foot.
Our ears were ringing and we were EXHAUSTED. It was surreal. About halfway…we gave up…too tired to go on, we went into the metro and waited fifteen minutes for the first train :P

Everyone on the platform seemed to be hitting the city for a day of sightseeing (pretty hardcore at 5:30am, I’d say). I felt kind of weird (and somewhat bad about myself) just coming back from the club, but when the line 8 train pulled in packed with barely conscious partiers in smeared make up and sparkly clothes...we looked at each other and said, “these are our people”.

Crapule was waiting for us in the courtyard. He seemed a bit put out that we’d stayed out all night ;) The three of us collapsed into bed.

Sunday 22 June 2014
We got up again around noon (I don’t even know how) and spent most of the afternoon in a stifling Laundromat, but we got our clothes clean after having to wash them twice. (I couldn't understand the French for 'where to put the soap' and chose wrong).

Around 5, we headed to Mara’s and met up with everyone to get supplies for a picnic beneath the Eiffel Tower. Gavin joined us on the way.

It was a perfect last night in Paris. We had a wonderful time lying on blankets, eating cheese, meats, bread, and wine.

We watched the sun go down in a burst of colors and stayed well into dark to watch the tower’s light show.

My heart is breaking to leave Paris. It’s become like home to me. I’ve so enjoyed all the time we’ve spent here. The entire experience has been so enhanced by Mara who welcomed us with open arms and was SUCH a gracious host . Of all the people I've met on this trip and in my life...she is truly one of my favorites.

I hope we return some day, though I’m not sure we’ll ever be so lucky for it to be like this…lazy days and weeks on end spent exploring this incredible city…but who knows ;)

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