Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lazy in Australia

Monday 10 Feburary-Wednesday 12 February 2014

We were up at 3am on Monday...sad to leave New Zealand. Will anywhere compare? Should we move here and start a sheep farm?? California seems soooo far from home (Maryland), so I guess New Zealand would be a bit ridiculous.

Here's a great quote I found online about Lord of the Rings, but I think it applies to New Zealand too.

“...the landscape inside Lord of the Rings was so stunning and so stupendous that it could be absorbed as a form of nourishment.” 
― Jasper Fforde

I agree Jasper Fforde. New Zealand is like nourishment.

Sad Facin New Zealand

I started the sad facin thing on trips some time ago...it still makes me laugh.

We flew Virgin Australia, which we were pretty excited about since Virgin America is so awesome. Turns out...Virgin Australia...not so much. It's kind of like a budget airline down here. WEIRD!!

We arrived in Australia to such different temperatures!! It's hot and humid here. We are staying at a little apartment in the beach town of Maroochydore (trying saying that out loud. Ma-roo-Chee-door). I found the apartment on Air bnb. My first time using this site, but it's great. Regular people rent out their apartments for a cheaper price than a hotel (in most cases). 

We've arrived. With the bag :P

It's been a great reprieve from all our running around. We've been sooooo lazy...spending our days watching hours of Olympic coverage, enjoying the wireless, cooking yummy dinners in the kitchen, catching up on American TV (The Walking Dead!! I hate Carl!!) We had to walk 3 miles to and from the grocery store, but so worth it to cook something in an OVEN!! We are feasting!!

Preston bought a second-hand surfboard yesterday for our Australian adventures. Cheaper than renting one every day. 

Tomorrow we head back to the airport in Brisbane via shuttle bus and then have to find our way to downtown, where we will pick up our tent car!! 

We are renting this car from a crazy company called Wicked Campers.(<--click there to see what I mean) Apparently, you get some kind of discount if you show up NAKED to pick up the car. We will probably not be doing that...but it does give me pause about the cleanliness of the car seats :P

The car comes with the roof tent, a camp stove, utencils, and an esky!! I had to google what the heck an esky is. It's a cooler!!

After that, we have 2 weeks and about 2000 miles on the open road. We plan to drive down the coast, surfing (Preston), and camping as we go. We have some stops planned in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide before flying west to Perth to see my friend David.

We are excited to meet up again with our friends Jacqui and Matt from Fiji in Sydney. Matt has given us an awesome itinerary for our trip from Brisbane-Sydney. It should be great!!

Camping doesn't often come with internet or electricity, so this is likely the last you'll be hearing from us for a while :) 


  1. It's too bad you didn't get out more - you were right by the Glass House Mountains which are stunning and the Australian Zoo (Steve Irwin's Zoo). Up north slightly was Fraser Island which is stunning and known for their dingos. If you're heading south, head right past the Gold Coast (not exciting) and hit up Byron Bay... it's beautiful with great surfing, food and culture. There's a lot to do in Sydney so I'm sure you'll be busy, but Bondi Beach is well known for city surfing. When I did a road trip, we went through Jindabyne and kosciuszko national park (highest peak is there often with some sort of snow, but likely not much). Be sure to wine taste when in the NSW and take the ocean road past the 12 Apostles (I think's like 6 left standing...). Hope you're having a great time! XOB

  2. Yeah, we were sorry to miss all that, but definitely needed the break!! Too much go go go!! Thank you SO much for all the advice :) :) We will definitely follow it!! Hope you are well :) :) Kisses to Dogan