Monday, January 20, 2014

So Long, Farewell!!

We're out!! We are sitting at Erica's waiting to go to the airport. It's been an exhausting last couple days...but well worth it :) 

Here's some photos of the progression of our apartment:
Living Room:

How it was
Packing packing

Most of the stuff gone on Saturday

Last day :)
Other side of the living room:

Our bed on the last night...air mattresses are the worst!!

The bedroom:

Wompa wa.
( two bags!! Well, also I have a backpack for my computer :D)

So, my initial plan was to take ONLY carry on. In reality, this was a bit ambituous for a novice world traveler ;) I'm pretty proud of the clothes that I have chosen...everything is well matched and can easily be mixed and matched with each other. I have a color theme!! But, when I went to put it in the bag...oh my gosh. Not even close!! Thank God Preston saved the day. He's taking a traditional backpacker's pack. It's I'm not sure it can be deemed a carry on :-/, but because of that...I was able to use his 2nd bag (a small duffle back pack) as spill over from my bag.

I'm suuurrreee I could have eliminated a lot of things. Truthfully...I feel like I'm taking too much. But, as I's hard as a novice traveler to imagine living in 2 long sleeved shirts for 4-6 months :D I just didn't WANT to get rid of anything else. I guess we'll see if I regret it :) 

Here is my final count:

Black Fleece Jacket
Black Rain Jacket
Jean Jacket
Black Blazer
Gray Zip Sweatshirt
White Wrap (can double as beach cover up)
Black Long Sleeved (wool blend)
Brown Long Sleeved
Teal Hoodie
Purple/Blue (ish) Long Sleeve
Yellow Long Sleeve
Black T-shirt
Gray T-shirt
Purple/Blue (ish) T-shirt
Mango T-shirt
White T-shirt
Black Camisole
Gray Camisole
Mango Camisole
White Camisole
Yellow Tank
Teal Tank
Purple/Blue (ish) Tank
Gray Zip off pants
Black Yoga Pants
Black Leggings
Gray Half Pants
Sweatshorts (for sleeping)
Jean Shorts
Khaki Shorts
Mango Shorts
Brown Hiking Boots
Gray Sneakers
Brown Toms
Black Ballet Flats (Tieks!!)
Black Flip Flops
White Flip Flops (for showers)
5 Pairs of Underwear
2 Bras
1 Sports Bra
1 Bandeau Bra
4 Bathing Suit Tops
2 Bathing Suit Bottoms
1 Black Convertible Dress
1 Black Skirt
1 Gray Long Tank for the beach :D
1 Gray/Black Scarf
1 Teal Scarf
5 Pairs of Socks

Getting artistic ;)
All laid out :) 

Clearly, I could have eliminated some of this...but alas...we got it all in!! I 

I'll update everyone when I buy a giant bag in Asia and just start checking everything ;) 

It's funny to be sitting around waiting to go. 2 more hours till we head to the airport!! First stop Fiji!! 

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  1. you guys are going to have an amazing trip, i can't wait to here all about it. Two bras for 6 months? you are a wild woman! I have a blog too ( but I doubt you'll have much time for recipe blogs while you are on the road! Tell us every little detail, as I will be living vicariously through you.