Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chicagooooooo Bridal Shower

As I said, I have a lot of catch up to do on what's been going on in my life :) For one, I'm finally Kelly Villers!! Preston has been calling me Kelly Villers since our first few weeks of dating. This might have been creepy if I hadn't just KNOWN that it would be true :P Now finally my blog name makes perfect sense!!

My wedding festivities started with a bridal shower in Chicago.  Preston's mom has a great group of friends. They get together about once a month or so and discuss life, count grandchildren,etc. I do not know many of these women well, but they threw me a bridal shower. Is that not the nicest thing you've ever heard?? Perfect strangers wanted to throw me a big party and give me gifts?? Ok, I'll go ;) 

Preston's mom (Debbie) graciously allowed me to invite my mom and my best friend, so we all met at Chicago's Midway Airport (see post on water bottle filling station. AH-MAZING). I love visiting Preston's parents. Their home is so comfortable and just home-y to me. I feel like I grew up there too. They make me feel so loved and accepted. 

My BFF and I ready to party ;)

My mom and Nikki fit right in, of course.  The shower was on Saturday and Debbie drove us down into the city.  It was a beautiful, warm day---my first in Chicago!! I swear that city is ALWAYS cold. Debbie's best friend Alison hosted my shower in her gorgeous apartment that boasts views of Lake Michigan.

The food was wonderful and there were adorable little bride cookies. 

Opening presents was kind of funny, because I would read the card and then look up and around the room to try to figure out who the heck had given me the gift. Haha!! The gift giver would give a little wave ;) Again, how nice for total strangers to throw me a party!! They are no longer total strangers :) Some of them I had met before, but throughout the shower I had a chance to talk to each woman and get to know her better. Debbie is really blessed with some wonderful friends. I look forward to my new and extended family!! 

Preston's friends came too :)

After the shower, I got to go meet my soon to be new niece Cora :) She's a doll!!

Stay tuned for Bridal Shower #2 ;) 

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