Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Story of the Key

THE key.

As you know, Preston got a 'new' 30 year old car a few weeks ago. Well, this car came with TWO keys. I'm not sure I'm fully understanding...but one of these keys is in a leather pouch...and it opens the doors and the trunk. You need to get into the trunk, you see, to open the gas tank. I'm not sure what kind of trickery of German engineering this is, but the key? Well, it's pretty important. 

So, on 4th of July...Pres goes to get some things out of the trunk. Upon his return, he packs his bag for the pool party we were attending...and in the process realizes he doesn't have the key. So, he starts to look around for the key and can't find it. We look EVERYWHERE. He was (understandably) quite frantic about it. He walked back up the street to his car and tore it apart looking for this key. We went through the entire apartment...even looking in drawers and cupboards. No key.

The next day at work...through more car stuff I don't understand...he uses some sort of air pressure to get the trunk to open to make sure that they key is not wasn't :-/

This man has a one track mind, sometimes, when something is bothering him and we spent hours again looking for this key. We took a long walk looking all over the ground and retracing his steps. No key :-/

We went to bed defeated. Luckly, Preston had enough gas to drive for a while...but very soon he was going to have to get a rather expensive replacement for this key. The car is 30 years old, afterall...those parts aren't cheap.

Yesterday morning...Pres went out to his car to make a run to Starbucks for his coffee. The driver's side door is open (he had, of course, locked it) and the key is sitting right in the middle of the seat. I. am. AMAZED!!

Preston had moved the car mulitple times since the 4th. Someone had clearly found the Mercedes' key and just tried it on cars until they found the right one...and then left it on the seat without touching another thing in the car.

My heart swells to know that there are still kind and good people in the world that would go out of their way for a stranger. This is one of the reasons I love living in Belmont Shore. We are so grateful and thankful to this amazing person. 

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