Thursday, July 11, 2013

Judgy Wudgy

I'd like to say that I've never been judgmental of a bride, but I have. Why make such a BIG deal over such a small thing?? I truly TRULY never thought I'd be one of 'those' brides. But, then I met a man that wanted a wedding...and he talked me into wanting a wedding...and so we (mostly I) began planning a wedding. I can't say it's not fun...because it IS fun, but it's also a lot of work (as I've previously said).

Every. Single. Thing. needs a decision made. I mean, the decisions do NOT matter. In some way though, it's this fact that makes the decisions even more hard to make...because they do NOT matter. Should I capitalize all the letters of this phrase? Should I capitalize just the first letters in the phrase? Should I capitalize none of the letters in this phrase? These decisions are being made after agonizing over fonts with names like "Eat Pray Love" or "Swan" What does that even mean?? Slowly, start to go a little insane. You don't want to have to make these silly decisions...but you DO; they HAVE to be made. The printer wants to know!! 

It truly starts to consume you. And there is drama!! Oh wow, is there drama!! Even when you think...I will be having no drama at my wedding (stamps foots)...there it is...sneaking in the back door and under the tent flaps. Drama will crash your party. Feelings will be hurt. True and not so true friends will be revealed. It's like an exciting mini series. I've yet to hear of a wedding lacking in any drama. One of my best friends is attending a wedding this weekend that is in the midst of some drama. I told her it sounded like there might be a brawl and she said, "that's why I'm definitely wearing pants". Awesome.

Decision decisions decisions and many many many tasks. And the expense!! Oh, the expense!! I used to think..."Are you insane? You spent that much on THAT?!" and then you get into it...and you know what? that's just what THAT costs and there's no way around it and good luck not getting THAT. 

And the politics...someone will be hurt; someone will assume something; EVERYONE will have an opinion.

I'm not complaining...this has truly been an eye opening experience for me. It's great, because it has served to make me less judgmental and more mindful. I think it's kind of a "you dont' know till you know" sort of thing.

So, next time you see a bride and she seems a little on edge and might talk extensively about her wedding...just smile and nod and try to remember that she just had to cut her cousins from her guest list and has spent the last 48 hours thinking about forks. 

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