Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post: Medical Tourism

    I'm happy to introduce everyone to a friend of mine.  L and I have been traveling together for some time. Since he actually got the surgery in Mexico...I thought it would be cool if he could write a little blurb and tell everyone about it.

Pres and I are off to San Fran this weekend!! I've never been there and I'm super excited :) 

But enough about me...Happy (almost) weekend and Happy Easter!!

Good Morrow fine Sirs and faire Maidens!! I am Lancelot~ the wandering Knight. Yay, I hath oft traveled about this magnificent globe and hath had many a wondrous excursion.  Mine most recent adventures hath taken me to the great land of Mexico!!  


Whilst in this marvelous place, I had the chance to partake in many a grand labor.

Alongside my faire maiden, I took work as a scribe to generate protocols for the new laboratory.

Twas many a cell to count in yon microscope

Methinks it was mine great privilege to undergo a stem cell transplant using mine own bone marrow.

Twas a most splendid experience. Quite quick, if i may be so bold to say. Verily, twas naught but a dream I had, which from upon waking I was a most renewed gentlemen.

On the morrow I received a most righteous clean bill of health.

All clear in there good Sir!!

Mine eyes were able to withstand this witchcraft

Without mine lance nor mine steed, I made due with the testing of mine strength through thine modern agencies. 

I carried these field stones over my head

1000 of these tests of the Earth

The accomplished Doctors and pleasing staff made this a most superb experience, that I wouldst recommend to all the noblemen(women) of the Land. 

Anon, we headeth to the tavern for a pint of ale, yet there was no ale to be had...just many a cull of a clear liquid by the name of tequila. This tequila was sipped alongside a spicy drink of tomatoes. I hath but a dram. 

Disclaimer: Mine fine physicians do not recommend tequila post op

Fare thee well, until we doth meet again!!


  1. Hope you're having a great time in SF! Let me know if you want any recommendations :)

  2. Hahahaha, what a fun and unique guest post. About died at "I hath but a dram" :)