Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chelsea's Light

I forgot my sunglasses!!

Pres and I traveled to San Diego this weekend to participate in Chelsea's Run with Tim (Preston's best friend) and Lindsey (Tim's fiancee).  Chelsea's Run is a 5K fundraiser to benefit the Chelsea's Light Foundation and to remember Chelsea King.

Lindsey's family are personal friends of the Kings.  In February 2010, their 17 year old daughter Chelsea went for a run in their San Diego community park and was never seen again.  Days later, Chelsea's body was found in a shallow grave not far from the trail where she had been running. Chelsea had been brutally raped and murdered by a known sex offender.

Chelsea's tale is haunting and heartbreaking, but her family and friends have taken the light that was this wonderful young woman and used it to recognize the joy that still remains in life, to give scholarships to other promising young adults and to pass Chelsea's Law.  Chelsea's Law increases the punishments and parole limits for sexual offenders against children in California.

This foundation does amazing work.  The Kings are truly an inspiration to have built something so wonderful out of something so horrific.

It was a beautiful Saturday in San Diego with cloudless skies and temps in the 80s. The four of us walked the 5K (I'm NO runner) and then hit Pacific Beach.

Pres and I coming up on the finish :D

Lindsey and I took some time to stop by another fund raiser (we are so philanthropic;)) which had donated wedding dresses on sale to benefit breast cancer.  Linds and I tried both tried on some dresses. We had a lot of fun and the price was right, but neither of us found THE dress. I'm hoping that I can find a reasonably priced dress that just has the 'right' feel.

It was a wonderful afternoon and we got a lot of squeals when we explained that we were engaged to best friends. Lindsey and I just get along fabulously, which is lucky, since I'm sure we will be very involved in one another's lives. Preston and Timmy are closer than brothers. :)

We are nerds.

The four of us spent the rest of the day lounging in beach bars and laying in the sun. Preston and I drove back to the LBC completely exhausted, but it was well worth it.

For more information on Chelsea's Light, please visit:

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