Friday, February 15, 2013


So, I'm not a huge Valentine's Day person. I think it's a pretty silly holiday. It's like NYE. Soooooo much pressure, usually followed by a let down. I try not to get involved in the hype. I did wear a red sweater yesterday and some heart earrings. I bought Preston two cards since I couldn't pick between the two...but that's really as far as I took it. I told Preston not to buy me anything except a card. He thought this was a trap, but truly wasn't.

Preston had sent me a very sweet email about how I am the best girl ever (truth) first thing in the morning. My Vday was going along nicely...but coworker received a dozen CUPCAKES. Cupcakes?! This never occurred to me as a V-day gift. They were gourmet cupcakes...and they came frozen. Throughout the day, various people would come back to the receiving area to see if the cupcakes were defrosted enough to eat. I hovered around them quitttteeee a bit, myself.  Unfortunately...going animal-free means I could not EAT said cupcakes. So unfair!! Two days in and this animal free thing is proving to be difficult!!

Omg. One has bacon. Let it be known: was NOT tempted by that one :P

So, then I head home...and I get to the top of the steps and there are flowers by the door!! I can't lie...the cupcakes made me kind of envious. Maybe Valentine's Day WAS getting to me. Oh no!! I was pleased to see the flowers...but as I approached, I realized they were NOT for me. The flowers were for my neighbor. Sad Face!! I'd fallen prey to the expectation of Valentine's Day. Blast!!

I unlocked the door to my apartment...and what do I see?

So beautiful :)

Sitting right on the table. :) Aw. My cold little heart melted a bit.  Preston did good.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day and that all your (not so) low expectations were met.


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my recent fashion post :) I definitely take that as a compliment. It means a lot since I know my pictures can be a bit lackluster compared to other "real" fashion bloggers ;) I'm always on a budget, so I just like to present reasonable outfits.

    And yay for tulips! They are my favorite :)

    1. Thank so you!! I just love your blog :) You are so down to Earth and relatable :D Not lackluster at all!!