Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Doldrums

I've just been in a kind of funk lately, hence the lack of writing. Wherefore this funk? I know not. I have every reason in the world to be happy uppity up, but I'm just not feeling it. Sometimes, no matter what you just feel kind of deflated. I really prefer the feeling of ELATED, but such is life. Maybe it's the full moon? I do believe that it puts people in a kind of 'mood'.


My brother is going through a hard time right now. A good friend's daughter was diagnosed with and pronounced brain dead from a rare blood cancer all in the same weekend. She is two years old. Sometimes life just makes no sense and it can be so heartbreaking. I really don't even know my brother's friend, but my heart goes out to he and his family. I cannot even begin to imagine the choices they have to make and the heartache they must feel.  The tragedy of all this is affecting me a lot :(

I think I need to use this time in the doldrums to practice the power of positive thinking. I truly believe that life is all about attitude and perspective. I need to focus on how grateful I am to be getting married to the love of my life, rather than all the little headaches and missteps that planning a wedding brings. I need to focus on the beauty of life and not its cruel nature in taking away a 2 year old child. I need to focus on the benefits to my health, the environment, and countless animals that trying to be a vegan brings and less on how nearly impossible it is to eat anywhere but home. I need to focus on the fact that I have a job in this hard economy and not on all the annoyances that this job brings.

A friend of mine always says, "fake it till you make it". I guess that's where I need to be. So, I'm going to put on a smile and go thaw a bunch of cells. Wahoo :P

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