Monday, February 4, 2013

36 States!!

Well, we survived the frigid cold of Chicago!! It's surreal to land back in warm and sunny LA after the gray, snow filled skies of the midwest. We went into the city  on Friday to take Preston's sister out to lunch and everyone I saw walking along the streets was wearing a face mask. A FACE MASK!!

Preston and his sister

Maryland never quite got into face mask territory. California?...maybe, but less due to weather temps and more due to something being on fire. As soon as we got out of the car, I was regretting missing the face mask memo. Whooo it was COLD. I mean, hurts to breathe into your lungs, cold.

As I said, we made it. We even got to see some snow. Somehow, the cold doesn't seem so bad when it's snowing and everything is covered in white. I even drove in the snow (about a mile on flat ground) and I have to say...I'm preeettty proud of myself for not crashing.

The memorial to Preston's grandmother was so touching. She lived a full and long life. She was actually 95, so I stand corrected on that. Preston's parents included me in the obituary with Preston's name and that felt very special.

The funeral was held in I got to add another state to my list!! Woohoo!! I have been to:

1 Alabama 11 Kansas 21 New Mexico 31 Utah
2 Arizona  12 Kentucky 22 New York 32 Virginia
3 California 13 Louisiana 23 North Carolina 33 Washington
4 Colorado 14 Maryland 24 Ohio 34 West Virginia
5 Connecticut 15 Massachusetts 25 Oregon 35 Wisconsin
6 Delaware  16 Mississippi 26 Pennsylvania 36 Wyoming
7 Florida 17 Missouri 27 Rhode Island

8 Georgia 18 Montana 28 South Carolina 
9 Illinois 19 Nevada 29 Tennessee

10 Indiana 20 New Jersey 30 Texas 

Proof of Wisconsin (or anywhere, really)

It was nice to get to spend more time with Preston's family/friends and get to know them better. We saw his adorable nephews that were out of town on Christmas, so that was a nice treat.

Chicago: hang inside with coats and hats

Checking out Uncle Preston's Map :)

The genetics are looking good for my future children :P

All in all, it was a good but short trip and we are exhausted!! Happy Monday :)

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