Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We finally took our engagement pictures!!

My friend Nina is a very talented photographer and offered to do this for us as a wedding gift. It was pretty fun posing for the camera and getting to kiss Preston for 2 hours :P  We took the pics at the beach where we live.  Nina and Preston both had the idea to incorporate his surfboard into some of the pics. We took some under the pier, on a beach blanket, on the life guard stand and walking down by the water. A couple times we googled "Engagement Picture Poses" for some ideas. Some of it was cheesy, but all of it was fun. Nina was covered in sand by the end...as she really got into it for us to get the right shot.

We ended the night by treating Nina to a yummy dinner.  I was feeling very wedding-y, so Preston and I watched "The Five Year Engagement", which was wayyyyyyyyyyy more funny than I thought it would be.

I haven't seen the photos yet, so I have none to share...but I'm excited and can't wait to see how they've turned out.

Here's an old pic just to remind you of how cute we are ;)

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