Friday, January 25, 2013

Down came the rain :)

* I wrote this yesterday (Thursday), but apparently still have some learnin to do on my blogger app, as it did not upload...oh well, at least now it IS Friday!!

It rained today!! It rains so little in Southern California that I often wonder how anything manages to cling to life, let alone remain green. Behold!!---the beauty of evolution and gene mutations and adaptation and lawn sprinklers. ;)

I love when it rains here!! My favorite California weather is when it's rainy and humid and windy. The clouds make such beautiful patterns. And best of FINALLY have an excuse to stay inside and be lazy!! Laying on the couch on Sunday morning, watching an entire season of some show really doesn't have the same appeal when it's sunny and 80 degrees outside. You don't feel relaxed, you feel like a jerk.

It's supposed to rain allllll weekend. Yay.

Tonight we are off to dinner in San Doego. Lonnnnnggg drive.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

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