Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Christmas Tale (In 3 parts) Part II

I figured I'd break this up to avoid sore eyes...and to maintain suspense. I'm sure all 2 of my readers are like...WHAT HAPPENED AFTER CHRISTMAS EVE?!?!

Well, I'm here to assuage that pain. Yes, that's right...assuage. :P

Tuesday Dec 25

Christmas Day melted the snow. Yay. :) Everyone thinks they want a white Christmas...and I mostly blame this on Bing Crosby (ps. LOVE that movie)...but in truth, it's a pain in the a. A "White Christmas" means you are trapped and you don't get to see half your family and you kind of just sit around like it's a Wednesday or something and you have off work. Lame.

Luckily for us, Christmas Day was warm enough to melt the snow...beautiful as it was...and allow us to venture out into the world again!! Horray!!

As per tradition, my dad came up for Christmas morning. It's nice that despite my parents divorce...that this is something that we've continued to do as a family. This year, my dad brought his new girlfriend.  Kind of weird, but whatever I guess. I got lots of lovely gifts.

Dad's puppy Teddy


Nap time.

From there we headed to my mom's sister's house and then my dad's brother's house. It was a nice day and I received so many great presents and got to spend some time with the people I love. Christmas=success.

Cuddlin :P

My momma and Aunt Toni

Zak :)

Haha quintessential Susan (Ps. Look at my hot nana!!)

Wed Dec 26

Snowed in. AGAIN!! I was (again) frustrated...being home for a short time...there were many people to see/things to do, but, in truth, the snow was nice. And I can't even remember the last time I had a snow day. Unfortunately, my brother was back to work, but Preston made a fire for my mom and I and we all watched a movie. It was an easy, nice day with good food and relaxation.

In the afternoon, Preston shoveled the drive way and I 'helped'. I've had a pinched nerve in my neck, so I'm kind of useless for shoveling, but I did a great job of supervising :P Mark arrived home just as Preston was finishing up and I suggested to him that we shovel our neighbor's driveway, since they help out my mom a lot.

Well, Preston was NONE too pleased!! Haha!! Just when he thought he was done...he had another to do.

One of my dearest friends Sandra stopped by with her family. It was just so great to see them all and they give the best hugs!!

We rewarded ourselves for the earlier work of shoveling (ok, ok...I kind of just stood there) with dinner at our favorite diner...Barbara Fritchie...AMAZING club sandwiches. Then we went to see the movie "The Hobbit". It was great and good to be back in Middle Earth (have I mentioned I'm a pretty big nerd? Might as well get that out there now).

Thurs Dec 27

My brother took the day off on Thursday to spend more time with us. Preston, as it turns out, had never seen Lord of the Rings, so a pretty long marathon ensued over the next few days.

We met my friend Naomi for lunch at another Frederick food favorite.  It was great to see her and enjoy some yummy fajitas.

I spent Thursday afternoon cooking chili for a dinner I was hosting on Friday.  Thursday night was spent again with some of my besties....Trisha and Matt. We took a second trip to Roys...had to get all my faves on the menu while I could!! I'm still not sure Preston was overly impressed (seriously?! Should I rethink this??)...but he did get some holster fries.

How's that holster, Cowboy?

If you can't tell...we ate a lot over break :P

Fri Dec 28

On Friday, we got to go see the venue where we are getting married!! It's an old farm and farm house in Walkersville, MD. The house was actually the residence of the founder of Walkersville

Walker's Overlook

We spent the afternoon at the house of one of my oldest friends and played with her adorable baby Ada :) Stupidly, I took NO pics!! 

After lots more eating...my fave pizza for lunch and a chili dinner with my mom's side of the family... we packed up our bags, watched the final movie of Lord of the Rings and tucked in to get up early and beat a(nother) snow storm to the airport.

Chicago...here we come!!


  1. Can't wait to read about Chicago, since this is the only part of the trip I didn't already know about ;) Did Preston not dip his fries in gravy at Roys? This is the only reason I could see someone not being impressed. Roys puts In & Out burger to shame. That's right Californians, I said it.

    1. Hehe. No, he didn't. I'm not sure what's wrong with him ;) Roys forever!!