Sunday, December 9, 2012

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So, my fiance. We'll call him "Preston". Ok, that's actually his real name :P Well, "Preston" is legit upset that my blog is not entirely about him. Haha!! He says that he is an untapped resource. He says that he is like a beautiful violin left unplayed in its case.

I tried to explain to him that while (obviously) he would be featured heavily in my blog...that a blog devoted entirely to him, but written by me, would a word? Creepy. I'm not sure anyone wants to read my blog anyway, but even I wouldn't want to read that.



But, truthfully...Preston is a fantastic person. He's the best person I know :) He's insanely good looking, but humble. He is very funny and uses terrific metaphors about violins in cases. He is smart. He is ambitious and sexy and strong and successful at whatever he puts his mind to. He is honest and loyal and helpful and considerate and nice and hard working and animal loving and kid loving and good dressing and dinner cooking and can eat more ice cream than anyone I know (I think he converts it to muscle??).

Pizza Cooker Extraordinaire 

Child Tamer

Preston somehow missed the memo that most guys these days are jerks. :P One of the things that impressed me most about him when we first met...was that he kept his word!! He called when he said he would...he did what he said he'd do.  How sad for that to be SUCH a rarity in today's dating world??
Beach Chair Carrier
Surfing Champ

We've had a terrific love story. As if written from a book. But, that's a story for another day :) I consider myself insanely lucky and blessed that he's chosen me (ME!!) to spend his life with!!


So, here's a post all for one true love.  Now, shut it :P

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