Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We Interrupt This Program... bring you CHRISTMAS.

I've been wildly typing up these Catch Up posts in an effort to finally begin blogging again in real time...something I've not done in a year! :P

But, before I write about Halloween, etc...I just wanted to mention CHRISTMAS!!

Being that I got an insanely awesome, amazing, wonderful, new job-we get to go home for 11 days for Christmas and New Years!! Cough cough 11 PAID days cough cough. THANKS USC!! This is something I truly wasn't sure I'd get to do this year, so I'm EXTREMELY grateful.

Pres and I are flying from LA-Chicago for Christmas. Unfortunately, we are leaving TODAY-Christmas Eve, since I had to work this morning. Sadly we've missed all the hubbub leading up to Christmas, which the best part. That said, I'm SO glad we get to go home at I'm not truly complaining. I've done my part to be Christmassy in LA. :D

I decorated our apartment!

I got my nails done in a fun sparkly red!

I've had copious amounts of Starbuck's Christmas Drinks!

I joined Erica for her Annual Christmas Boat Parade Party in Long Beach 

I seriously enjoy bad pictures of myself, tho this was a purposeful one

I've watched all my favorite Christmas movies:
Love Actually
The Holiday
The Family Stone
The Santa Clause

as well as some extremely bad ones on Netflix. Seriously Netflix? Seriously?? The highest rated 'holiday movie' on Netflix right now is an hour long crackling fire that plays Christmas music (I have to admit-it's pretty good). 

This will be my FIRST Christmas EVER...away from home and my family. It's going to be a little tough for me, but I am making the most of it and I'm excited to be with Preston's family and experience their traditions.

We will be heading to Maryland for New Years.

To any burglars out there looking for some Christmas action...let it be known that our apartment (which I fully disclosed in a previous post:P) is being well looked don't even THINK about it ;) 

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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