Wednesday, October 29, 2014


16 July-26 July 2014

So, I've traveled the world somewhat extensively now, but my MOST favorite place remains the same...BERMUDA.

Bermuda is WONDERFUL. It's quiet. It's beautiful. The sand is speckled with pink and feels like baby powder between your toes. The water is clear and so blue it doesn't seem real.  The ocean is warm and wraps you like satin. It's like Heaven on Earth. In fact, Mark Twain said, "You go to Heaven if you want to, I'd rather stay right here in Bermuda". Agree.

My family has been going to Bermuda for my whole life...and for my dad's whole life. You see, his mother is a certified Bermudian. My Nana's family has been in Bermuda since the 1600s. She grew up there and only lived in the US while married to my grandfather. It's tradition that we go to Bermuda every summer and I've been blessed to never miss a one!! We used to go at other times too, but since moving to California, it's just not been possible. 

Bermuda isn't your typical Caribbean destination...for one, it's not IN the Caribbean :P, but almost no one knows that. Bermuda lies about 600 miles east of North Carolina. Sitting smack in the middle of the Gulf Stream, Bermuda is surrounded by warm waters and warm (ish) weather year round. (I think many people might not agree, but Bermuda can be COLD in the winter. The temps are rarely lower than the 50s, but it's a damp damp 50. Brr!! I sleep with a heat blanket on!!) The laws are very strict in can't just show up there without a departure ticket or a place to stay. It keeps some of the riff raff out ;). It's not really a wild and crazy place. It is nothing like the Bahamas or Jamaica. It's a place that is struggling to hold on to a more civilized time...where dress codes once existed, where people sipped with lifted pinkies at afternoon teas, and lazy days were spent reading or golfing. 

My brother and I are both avid readers and to this, I credit Bermuda. There wasn't much else to do there ;) 

Our Bermuda vacations used to just include my brother, my mom, my dad, and I-sometimes briefly overlapping with my Uncles. But since my parents divorce, my dad, brother, and I go with my Uncles and their families. It's a great time :)

My Uncle Kirk often jokes that our family vacations are like the movie "Groundhog Day", because we kind of always do the same thing. 

We go to the beach

We eat A LOT

We go to the airport and pick up family members as they arrive and watch planes land-they get really close to you here as they come in. If you've never done this somewhere...I recommend it. It's SO cool. Regan Airport has a great park at the end of their runway.

We tool around on mopeds and do some of the touristy stuff

An awesome old graveyard...many of the stones tell the cause of death
This is also the only graveyard in Bermuda where bodies are buried in the ground. Like New Orleans, most graves are above ground

Flog him!!

Harbour Nights

We drink Rum Swizzles and Dark-n-Stormy's

We relax A LOT-we read and do puzzles and take walks

Plugged In.

We eat more


We charter a catamaran

Ye Olde Sally Bum Bum

Captain Leon is well known on the island ;)

This thing was REALLY hard to stand on :P

We go to Brunch (and eat more :P)

The past two years, we've gone to play Bingo at the Dinghy Club

Fanciest Bingo Ever :P

We rent a pontoon and cruise around

We take an early morning swim on our last day

This year, one of Preston's college friends randomly turns out to be living in Bermuda and had us over for a yummy, fresh-caught fish dinner

It's a wonderful, relaxing time and it's the perfect place this year to unwind from our trip and visit with (some of) my family <3

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