Wednesday, January 8, 2014



Our apartment is a complete mess right now. I feel like it's some outward manifestation of my mind :P 

Between trying to get things at work to a place where I feel better about leaving (ridic, right?) and saying farewells to friends and trying to research and book an around the world trip and packing up all our belongings and deciding what to take in only a carry-on for 5+ months, I feel a bit muddled. 

The hardest of these is...what the heck to pack for this trip!!  A great resource that I've found is  This site offers lots of advice on packing, reviews of travel supplies, and even example packing lists. It's definitely food for thought.  

We have less than two weeks to go. It sure is bittersweet!! I've really loved living here in Long Beach and I've made some really great friends and had some exceptionally good times. I've grown a lot as a person, found my independence, gained a tremendous amount of confidence and met the love of my life.  My coworker said to me the other day "Kelly, don't worry about anything on your won's just on to the next thing". When I asked her what she meant...she said, "California. You came. You conquered." Haha. You know what Marcy? I think I have to agree ;) 

I mean, nothing says "I conquered" like having clothes on your dining table ;)

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