Sunday, March 24, 2013


I am terrible at this blog thing!! For me, the entire point of a blog is to get in the habit of regular updates for when Pres and I go traveling :) So far...don't expect many updates while we are away. Kidding!! I'll try harder. 3 of my 5 readers have put complaints in the complaint box. haha. 

I was in Mexico all last week. I went to Guadalajara for work. My company is super small, yet we dabble in different International arenas. This dabbling is mostly attributed to the fact that we are pretty awesome at what we do...and not many people know how to do it. What we do is isolate mononuclear cells from bone marrow. Really, this is only a small part of what my company does as a whole, but it's an important part. I do this isolation so much that I could do it in my sleep ;) We have perfected the protocol and technique. We can do it quickly and it's a win/win for all involved. We've been working with hospitals in Central and South America...which are so ahead of our hospitals in America that it's sad. I feel like America has so much red tape as far as these procedures go...and it's just a loss for us and our country.  

We transplanted a woman in Mexico in lieu of her having a hip surgery. This woman is Mexican and her insurance actually paid for this procedure. How awesome is that?? Frankly, the bone marrow extraction and re injection is much less invasive than a hip replacement would be...and it should be as effective. I'll be interested to hear how she is doing. We also did a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection for her...which stimulates healing of bone and soft tissue. This will help her feel better too. 

Usually it is just my boss and I that go on these trips, but this time my coworker Erin came. It was just SO nice to a) have another woman along with me b) have someone else that speaks NO Spanish.  I spend so much time in these countries sitting around and wishing I could understand what people were saying. My boss speaks fluent often I'm just sitting quietly while he talks...or just blindly following him wherever he's walking with no idea, myself, of our destination. Haha.

 It was just nice to have Erin to talk to and relate to and laugh with at all the funny situations. Like one day...we all got in the elevator...the 4 men said something in Spanish and then my boss and one of the doctors got off the elevator, so I followed...but Erin was motioned to stay behind. We had NO idea where we were going or what we were doing or if we'd ever see each other again. hehe!! Of course, I trust my I just go along, but it's all just so amusing. As it turns out...we just took different cars to the same destination. 

I REALLY need to learn Spanish. The four years of it that I took in school are not helping me very much. I say this all the time...but this is the year I have to make it happen. I need the rosetta stone or something.

So, that's part of where I've been. I've also had someone visiting every single weekend or week for the last 5 weeks!! So, that definitely has kept me busy :) 

But, this is my vow to do better!! I swear it. Everyone deserves to be tuned in to my not that interesting life ;) 

More on Mexico tomorrow!! 

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