Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Engagement Pics!!

We finally got our engagement pictures (4 months later...long story)!!  I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. My friend Nina is a terrific photographer. Preston thinks he isn't photogenic and therefore hates them all, but I find him pretty cute ;)

Here's a few that I like:

My mom wanted me to wear a hat like she did in her engagement pics :)

Needs some cropping to delete our mess up heart :P

I am making a weird face

My surfer

And here's some I don't like:

I think we look pale.

Matching bracelets, but ugh.

Not Pres' best angle

Creepy!! Are we naked under there?


What are we looking at?

Anyway, it was a fun experience getting to be models for the day :) I even wore fake lashes!! I'm fancy, huh??


  1. Your pics are super cute. As for the awkward ones, it's impossible to take engagement photos and not have a few super weird ones. I think you lucked out with so many good ones!